Welcome to JR-Chiisai!

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet, dedicated to my attempts to design and build several Japanese model train projects.

What you’ll find here, is progress reports on the various projects, reviews of trains and other items, and general musings. Occasionally something not model train related might even pop up.

I’m currently working on 4 projects related to model trains:

Unnamed large N-scale layout

The first is a large N-scale layout with no specific era or prototype. Most of the rolling stock will initially be steam era trains as well as JNR rolling stock and early shinkansen. However, more modern trains will run here as well, and several trains from America, The Netherlands and Germany among others have also found their way here.

Four Seasons of the Enoden: N-scale T-Trak

The second in a T-Trak project based on the Enoden line. This is relatively prototypical with regards to the track layout and scenery, and of course will only see Enoden trains running on it. The trains will be from various eras however, from early models to the latest ones. From one end to the other, all 4 seasons will be presented.

Yamato Shinrin Tetsudō: H0-scale forest railway

The third project is probably the most ambitious one. It is a combination of H0j (1:87 scale trains running on 12mm track) and H0e (1:87 scale trains running on 9mm track) heavily based on the various forest and mining railroads in Japan. For this project I’m hand laying track using actual wooden ties, and most of the models will be brass kits. The various buildings and bridges will also be scratch built, based on existing and historical buildings.

Online model train database

The fourth project is actually not a layout, but an online model train database. I’ve had this idea in my head for quite a while, and have worked on it on and off for several years. The main purpose is to make it easy for people to keep track of their collections and export them to for example a PDF as proof for insurance companies.

Beside these projects, I of course also have a full time job taking up a lot of time, as well as a parrot which requires attention. I also do enjoy playing the occasional video game, which also takes up quite some time. So updates will likely be relatively slow.